51.2 ha

50% preserved as natural reserve, destinated for common areas




 With a surface average of 9000 sqm



   216 sqm of builded surface


Beach house  –  Restaurant
Gril house in the Forest
Lawn tennis courts
Beach service
Recreation area for children

Situated in a stunning landscape, left untouched by time and surrounded by the sea, Las Cárcavas offers a harmonious and unique lifestyle.
Between the woods, gullies of natural erosion and lagoons on the admired Uruguayan coast, lies a great extension of chacras where the combination of countryside, beach, nature and family life can be experienced.



The ideals of sustainability and environmental compromise are brought into the totality of the development, large areas are destined for communal zones, and the largest part of the development is preserved as a natural reserve.

The large dimensions of the chacras are a guarantee of exclu- sivity and privacy.
The infrastructure compliments the landscape with services and amenities of the highest standard.

Las Cárcavas is committed to sustainable development. This commitment leads us to implement responsible actions to- wards the environment:

· complementary use of alternative energies
· water treatment
· organic landscaping
· organic vegetable garden
· waste classification and recycling


Each one of the 24 chacras for private residencies will have an average surface of 9.000 sqm. They will be unique and exceptional, each with their singular features, but all of them of the same level.

50% of the total extension will be destined to common spaces and a large area will be preserved as a natural reserve.

In a project that prioritizes the surroundings and nature, the residencies will follow certain pre-established architectual standards in order to preserve the integral spirit.

Las Cárcavas takes its name from the formations produced by the erosion due to the rainwater running off towards the sea, features of Garzón’s coastal landscape.


Inspired by the well-known Brazilian architect, Isay Weinfeld, Las Cárcavas will launch the construction of luxury over- the-sea bungalows.

The units will have a built surface of 216 sqm and will be de- livered fully finished and equipped on a turn key basis. The Bungalows will have a “pay per use” housekeeping system and concierge desk that will be provided by Las Cárcavas.

In addition to all the services and common areas thought to find all the amenities and entertainment within Las Cárcavas, the surroundings offers a wide range of plans and sports that will be especially accessible for residents and guests. Golf, polo, cycling, surfing, kite-surfing, sport fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing and horse riding are some of the possibilities available to those who wish to in- clude other alternatives during their stay.


Isay Weinfeld is one of the most respected and innovating contemporary architects in Brazil and with international expo- sure. Isay, as he is known in his native Brazil, is responsible for the design of several boutiques, restaurants, hotels and luxury residencies in Sao Paulo, as well as in New York and different cities worldwide. His work combines tropical modernism with a marked preference for simplicity.

Graduated from Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute of Archi- tecture in Sao Paulo, Isay has been distinguished with some of the most prestigious international awards, including the Grand Prize of the Brazilian Institute of Architects (IAB) for his project “Amauri Square” in 2005.

Isay will leave his trace in Las Cárcavas, his first project on the Uruguayan sea coast, where avant-garde design and nature are markedly complemented.


John Brookes, has been considered one of the most influential landscape designers of this century for his innovative work that includes from gardens in small villages of Great Britain to business and private projects in different parts of the world. His gardens portray the surroundings, and they stand out be- cause of their incorporation into the natural landscape.

Together with the Barzi Casares Studio, they have both been responsible for the landscape project of Las Cárcavas. Its design is based in the use of a sustainable environment, the following one counts with three different ecosystems, lake shores, wild meadows and front row to the ocean. Along the lakes and meadows various paths and trails de- limit the lots in order to give intimacy and background to the future houses.

The sustainability concept is present not only in the selection of the species but also in the combination that guarantees low maintenance, a responsible use of water, diminishes the ero- sion protecting the land from the ocean wind and preserving the native fauna.

The landscape team preview a series of recommendations about the best adapted species and how to bring the best out of them in order to contribute to the gardens a portrait to its views

Beach-House. Very close to the sea, a house where to relax and enjoy the exclusivity and sophistication of Las Cárcavas.

Restaurant. An exclusive restaurant with a seasonal menu based on the best local ingredients, such as the raw material that the organic vegetable garden will provide. An extensive wine and drinks menu. Unforgettable asados under the trees during the day, delicious meals close to the fire- place at night and a series of gourmet proposals that will surprise those with the most exquisite taste.

In the middle of the woods Las Cárcavas Grill House hosts the most unique asados and fire circle allowing full enjoyment of the pine forest and the pacific intimacy they provide.

Lawn tennis court. Las Cárcavas provides the most unique tennis court in the Uruguayan coast, the exquisite pleasure of playing in lawn within the most unique and beautiful design.

Las carcavas beach pergola. Las Cárcavas Beach awaits you for a day at its tranquil end- less white sands. A deck with sun loungers, umbrellas, towel service and refreshments are on hand. As do all the services are available upon previous request; massage, yoga, surf, sea kayaking, all at Las Cárcavas Beach Pergola.


El Palenque
Will be at the dispose of the owners for their daily use upon organization of horseback ridings.

Forest Playground 
Natural organic playground for the children to nourish their imagination among nature. 

Trekking Trails
Different lengths and intensities of trails either for trekking or runners along the diversity of nature of carcavas, lagoons and forest.